About Help America Corporation


Our Mission

To provide personal attention to each patient and their family in resolving medical bills in the most professional manner possible

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Get to Know Us

Help America Corporation is dedicated to assisting uninsured patients with medical bills and hospitals with the recovery of revenue. Our extensive range of services offers our patients and client hospitals the tools they need to find the best coverage options for medical expenses. 

WHelp America Corporation is a third-party vendor in South Texas established in order to assist self-paying patients who don’t have insurance. The Rio Grande Valley has a large population of underserved patients who still need medical care and are unable to cover care costs, many of whom are undocumented, and that’s who we aim to serve. Real families with real needs cannot be left in the hands of overwhelmed government agencies and automated systems. The compassionate and efficient manner with which we serve both our patients and our clients gives us a stellar reputation among South Texas medical providers and sets Help America apart from our competitors. Since 1994, Help America has not only aided thousands of patients with their unexpected medical expenses but has also assisted medical providers in the recovery of millions of dollars in revenue annually.

Following State & Federal guidelines, we speak with each patient to determine if they are eligible for medical bill assistance. We believe that any primary third party provider should be able to accurately determine third party qualification within five business days of admission to a medical facility. Help America guarantees patient qualification within that time frame once contact with the patient has been established so long as they are receiving treatment at one of our contracted treatment centers.

Our company looks beyond the basic qualifying factors and aims to assist patients of all backgrounds. We assist patients and their families through the third party assistance process while also identifying those who don’t qualify for assistance and may be considered for charity qualification instead. We examine all programs to try and find the best type of assistance for our patients.

We do not charge patients for our medical assistance services; all our services are free for patients.

For our hospital clients, we recover lost revenue that would have otherwise gone to collections by helping uninsured patients in the Rio Grande Valley apply for medical bill assistance, so that the hospital gets paid through the medical assistance programs rather than not receiving payment at all.

At Help America Corporation, we guarantee that our team will follow the appropriate chain of command within your organization as well as communicate information accordingly with appropriate parties. We will work with our client hospitals directly to ascertain how, when, and to whom information is relayed using various means of communication. Our client hospitals need only outline expectations and/or special arrangements to be coordinated with appropriate staff to ensure results.

At Help America Corporation, we aim to serve underprivileged patients by providing better access to medical care while also easing the financial burden from our client hospitals.