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Denial Salvage for Hospitals

Our philosophy is not to demonstrate our abilities through empty promises but through our actions and approval percentages.

Help America has overturned a large number of denied medical treatment accounts  when all others deemed these accounts were unworkable. Help America has developed a reputation for our ability to successfully navigate denied accounts. 

How does Help America overturn denied medical accounts?

We act in the position of a safety net for hospitals that are under contractual obligations with another primary vendor. In the instance of a secondary or tertiary placement evaluation position, we re-evaluate all rejected and/or denied accounts referred to our company from our client hospitals to establish if the original determination can be overturned. Help America often works on accounts that others deem unworkable. We notify the facility if contact is established and then provide status updates for each patient as quickly as possible.

Our company provides the following services in the field of Second Placement Referrals:

  1. Review all accounts for possible third-party coverage within 90 days of service.
  2. Make contact with the patient and urge the need for cooperation.
  3. Complete all financial assessment forms for all returned/denied accounts referred to Help America.
  4. Verify the completion of all our patient’s necessary paperwork for potential third-party assistance, and provide consistent follow-up status information to the patient.
  5. Provide concise reports on the patients account status up until approval or denial.

We are so confident in our work that we are always on a contingency basis. Allow us to work on your denials, and if you don’t get paid neither will we!

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At Help America Corporation, we aim to serve underprivileged patients by providing better access to medical care while also easing the financial burden from our client hospitals in Harlingen, Weslaco, Mission, Edinburg, and other locations in the Rio Grande Valley.