Eligibility Screening for Patients

Patient Eligibility Screening

Eligibility Screening for Patients

Whether it is an inpatient, outpatient, or emergency room account, all of our patients are screened in the same manner, with the goal being to effectively serve our client’s needs for resolution. We are thorough so that each of our clients can rest easy.

Help America realizes that from the moment a private pay patient is referred to our company, time is of essence and all accounts must be dispensed of efficiently.  

What approach to patient screening does Help America take?

We examine all programs to try and find the best type of assistance for the client, then expeditiously proceed to assist the client and their needs. Throughout the process, we maintain a consistent communication flow with them, in addition to flawless records and documentation of each patient’s case. Our trained team of employees act as representatives on behalf of patients for all hearings and appeals, and they keep patients and their families actively involved and informed. Help America campaigns so fervently for our client’s patients, that a room visit or a home visit is not considered rare or unusual.

What factors does Help America consider when screening patients?

When screening patients Help America takes four major factors into consideration:

  1. Income
  2. Resources
  3. Medical Necessity
  4. Residency

What sets us apart from our competitors is that we have devised a system to look beyond these four factors. These four areas encompass a complex and wide variety of problems on their own. The situation becomes even more complex if the patient is undocumented. Help America’s staff is well versed in all forms of third-party assistance and we take many elements into consideration when conducting a screening.

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At Help America Corporation, we aim to serve underprivileged patients by providing better access to medical care while also easing the financial burden from our client hospitals in Harlingen, Weslaco, Mission, Edinburg, and other locations in the Rio Grande Valley.