Services for Patients:

Assistance with Medical Bills for the Uninsured

We help thousands of patients annually who don’t have  Medical Insurance! 

Our Patient-Centered Services

Our company looks beyond the basic qualifying factors and aims to assist patients of all backgrounds 

Obstetric Patients

We offer free services to our pregnant patients to ensure a happy and healthy delivery. Pre-register with the Doctor of your choice for check-ups, medication, and the best care for you and your baby.

Hospital Bill Help

Do you need medical treatment, but you don’t have insurance? At Help America Corporation, our goal is to ease the financial burden from medical bills for our patients throughout United States

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that many of our patients have questions about medical bill coverage. Click here for useful information regarding frequently asked questions.

Victims of Violent Crimes

The victim compensation program provides financial assistance to victims of crime or others who may have experienced a financial loss as a direct result of a crime

Do you need financial assistance with a hospital bill?

Contact us to see what options are available to you and your family. 

Medical Bill Assistance RGV

At Help America Corporation, we aim to serve underprivileged patients by providing better access to medical care while also easing the financial burden from our client hospitals.